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A new feature where we try and persuade you, our wonderful readers, to take a look at an act we think are doing something really interesting, starting today with Panic Pocket. We’ll tell you why we like them, ask them to tell us a bit about themselves and ask them to share some music that influenced their sound.

We Say…

Photos by Carl Farrugia –

Originally formed to perform at last year’s First Timers Fest, Panic Pocket have wasted no time in making their mark on the London DIY-Scene. The duo of, “long term BFFs”, Sophie and Natalie, released their debut single back in January, showcasing a penchant for bedroom anti-folk and glitchy electro-pop. Cathartic songs about shaking off bad relationships, the life-changing nature of female-friendship and the perils of online dating, are all delivered with a wry sense of humour and an undeniable charm.

If you’ll forgive a little self-promotion, the band are also playing at our upcoming alldayer alongside the likes of Sweet Baboo, Marine, Adwaith and many more, you can get all the information about the show HERE.

They Say…

FTR: For those who don’t know who are Panic Pocket?

Natalie:Panic Pocket are a feminist synthpop duo. Sophie plays synth, I play guitar and we both sing. We live together in South East London with our comically large cat, and write songs about sexuality, terrible men and trying and failing to be grown ups.

Sophie: We’re a BFF power couple with the same natural urge to get up on stage and serenade strangers about how horny or angry we are.

FTR: What made you form a band? What can you remember about your first show?

Natalie:We formed for First Timers in May 2017 – a festival where every band plays their first ever show. We’d been talking about trying to make music together for absolutely ages, but hadn’t the guts to try before. I never thought I’d be good enough, as someone who only knows a couple of guitar chords. But it turns out that that’s literally all you need (especially if you’ve got a capo)! First Timers was the perfect environment for our first gig – everyone was so supportive. We were crazy nervous at first, but had an amazing time! Best decision ever.

Sophie: We both love music and we love hanging out so this seemed like the natural next step. I would recommend First Timers to anyone who’s ever wanted to form a band but wants to debut in a supportive and diverse environment. Plus everyone loves babes in bands.

FTR: Why do you make music? Why not another art form?

Natalie: Sophie is also an incredible artist and designer. But we wanted to make music together because it’s such a big part of our lives; We go to gigs together, we dance round the kitchen to Celine Dion, and we used to run a pop night called Passionate Necking. We’re also huge fans of loads of bands in the DIY Scene, such as Charmpit, Big Joanie and Wolf Girl, who have all inspired us to give it a go. Plus, getting to write songs in your bedroom with your best friend is the most fun.

Sophie: We have very similar tastes in music and we know each other so well that writing songs together came quite naturally to us. It keeps us out of trouble. Plus we decided becoming an ice-skating duo would be too hard.

FTR: What can people expect from the Panic Pocket live show?

Natalie: Expect killer harmonies, catchy choruses and us shouting “IN THE TRASH”. But also come for the dorky on-stage banter and the powerful energy of two best buds having a laugh. We try not to exceed performance-level drunk (PLD), but can’t promise anything.

Sophie: It’s a musical demonstration of two friends who love each other, hate the patriarchy, and want to inspire you to start your own grrrlband.

FTR: What’s next for Panic Pocket?

Natalie: We’re super pumped for the London All Dayer on the Saturday 6th May with Sweet Baboo, Marine, Adwaith, Young Romance, Deerful and Red Red Eyes. What a stellar lineup. We’re also thrilled about playing Indietracks in July – such a lovely surprise! We’re going to be playing on a moving train! Otherwise, we’ve been busy recording new songs and sorting out some cute merch. Watch this space.

They listen to…

Photos by Carl Farrugia –

What’s Up – 4 Non-Blondes

What’s more cathartic than screeching out ‘WHAT’S GOING ON?’ in unison? I’ll tell you. It’s ‘HEY, YEAHHH YEAHHH YEH’.

Make Me Feel – Janelle Monae

Janelle Monae is one of the coolest artists in the world rn. We can’t wait for her forthcoming album. Make Me Feel is a total banger and the stunning video is unapologetically queer.

I Don’t Want it All – Kim Petras

An absolute banger that we can’t stop listening to. Indulges all our bratty / diva-ish impulses without the monetary implications.

Goodbye Earl – The Dixie Chicks

A catchy, darkly funny country song about female friendship, getting revenge on abusive dudes and selling strawberry jam. Lots of inspo here.

It’s All Coming Back to Me Now – Celine Dion

Our karaoke song of choice. It’s so emotional and dramatic – just like Panic Pocket. Celine is our queen.

Click HERE for more information on Panic Pocket and HERE for tickets to the FTR/Scared To Dance Alldayer

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