[PREMIERE] Rock Eupora – Love Won’t Last Forever

When Clayton Waller home-recorded his latest album in his current home city of Nashville, he wanted to touch base with his Mississippi roots, and lifted the pseudonym, Rock Eupora, after a small town near his birthplace of Jackson. Currently on tour across the East Coast of America, Clayton is today premiering the new video to Love Won’t Last Forever, lifted from his 2016 album, Soon The Sun Will Come.

Photo by Gabe Ford // Header photo by Jackson Donald

With a sound he describes as, “a lively blend of gritty rock and shimmering pop”, there’s something knowingly classic about Rock Eupora’s sound. The soaring, fuzzy guitars recall Saves The Day or Pavement, the sweet harmonies are lifted straight from the Beach Boys catalogue, while Clayton’s own shimmering, lead vocal could easily be mistake for a James Mercer guest appearance.

The accompanying video plays out like a surrealist take on a teleshopping channel, Clayton trying to flog us whatever he can lay his hands on, with an ever-increasing sense that it’s a complete waste of time. Thankfully he’s much better at this music thing than he is at selling gold pendants!

Soon The Sun Will Come is out now. Click here for more information on Rock Eupora.


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