[PREMIERE] Parachute Words – Anxiety

It might not be the most glamorous location, yet like so many modern artists, the music of Parachute Words began at home in Martino Gasparrini’s bedroom. From there, inspired by the likes of Frankie Cosmos and Car Seat Headrest, Martino proceeded to share his guitar based, conceptual albums on Bandcamp. Five albums in, Martino has decided to combine the best of those tracks into a single 38-minute album, Romantic Irony. Today we’re premiering the video to the album’s lead single, Anxiety.

press photo
Photo by Martino Gasparrini

It could be quite difficult to find a single on an album that is essentially a single song cycle; an album where tracks reference each other, recall melodies, share lyrics and influence one another, with some songs starting in one track and finishing in another. The whole record touches on ideas of loneliness and the relentless pursuit of fulfilment in your own work.

As complex as that sounds, Anxiety still works perfectly as a stand-alone single. Recalling the likes of Pete Astor or The Mountain Goats, it’s a slice of jangling indie-pop, flowing through various ideas and sections, always held together by Martino’s easy vocal delivery. Lyrically the track, perhaps unsurprisingly, touches on the subject of anxiety and how it can creep up on anyone, as Martino sings, “I don’t know what to tell you, it’s coming whether I like it or not, I can’t stop the feeling, it seems to wave goodbye and then it’s alive.” A winning combination of ambitious, intelligent and honest, Parachute Words have created a musical world well worth exploring.

Romantic Irony is out now. Click HERE for more information on Parachute Words.

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