[PREMIERE] Beat K – Teen

Beat K are a somewhat mysterious duo. Hailing, at least initially, from Italy, they are highly influenced by their favourite band, Boards Of Canada, the duo admit an approach to music and video that is for the most part largely non-human. The first taste of this arrived earlier this year with the release of their excellent debut album, and today we’re premiering the first video from it, Teen.


Featuring heavily processed, distant, almost removed vocals, musically, it is left to lush bouncing synths and waves of gentle beats; somehow as sad as a processed beat can be. Described by the band as, “about love, youth and melancholy”, the track is a masterclass in repetition and never rushing anywhere. Building slowly, almost aimlessly, yet never failing to hold the listener’s attention.

The accompanying video is directed by BodyNo and deals with, “the fusion between humans and nature in a virtual path, way and back, from love to memories.” Like the track it accompanies it is nostalgic, melancholy, and utterly beautiful. We might not know much about who Beat K are, but we can’t wait to discover more about their music

Beat K’s self-titled debut album is out now via Riff Records. Click HERE for more information on Beat K

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