[PREMIERE] Old Robes- The Lovely Range

Back in April, Old Robes released their first album in six years. It was six years of, “incubation, reflection, and transformation”, for the band and their chief songwriter, Daniel Munkus. That said, Daniel admits the music has been with him even longer than the six years since he released Past The Suitors, “I have carried this music inside me, like a dream, since I was fourteen years old.” Finally though on the new album, The Spider And The Spectator, Daniel stopped banging his head on locked doors, and after recruiting singer Rachel Epp and violinist Heather Sommerlad, not just as band members but as collaborators, Old Robes became a band and found the sound he’d always been looking for. Today we’re premiering the video to the latest single from that record, The Lovely Range.


Daniel recollects the recording sessions as an experiment in doing, “everything in the ‘wrong’ way”, by doing so they were able to create a record that was without limits and to make the music they wanted, not the music they felt they should. The result is a deeply creative sound; the band swapping instruments, melding acoustic and electronic ideas and building intriguing, looping spectacles. The Lovely Range is no exception, from a lone, almost mathsy guitar line, rich horns and processed beats lift the track, before the twin vocals enter, in some sort of perfect disharmony. There’s a touch of San Fermin or NRVS LVRS, ultimately though this is a sound entirely of Old Robes’ own making.

The accompanying video traces two masked figures, from playful forest scenes, through to domestic bliss and twilight intimacy. What does it all mean? We don’t really know, yet like the band whose music it accompanies, there’s something undeniably intriguing about it.

The Spider And The Spectator is out now. Click HERE for more information on Old Robes.

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