[VIDEO PREMIERE] Savage Mansion – Older And Wiser

Probably best known around here as the guitarist in Martha Ffion’s band, Craig Angus is also the songwriter behind Glasgow quartet, Savage Mansion. The band are set to release their new EP, Document, tomorrow on Lost Map Records, and today we’re premiering the new video to their single, Older And Wiser.

Photos by Beth Chalmers – http://www.bethchalmers.com

Describing their sound as, “scuzzy slacker guitar pop”,  Savage Mansions make the sort of primal, almost dumb sounding music that can only be made well by very clever songwriters. Like Sauna Youth or Pavement, Older and Wiser, is a track that always sounds on the verge of collapsing into complete chaos, but through fate or good fortune just about stays on the rails long enough. It’s a true roller coaster of a song; the pace ebbing and flowing, at one point breaking down to just sprightly piano line and barely there guitar, then lurches back into full throttle, electric riffing – they even throw in an abrupt car crash of an ending, because, well just because they can.

The accompanying video finds the band throwing all their best, delightfully awkward looking, rock-star poses in the most un-rock star settings imaginable, before tucking into some cheese sandwiches like the ones you probably had in your lunch box back when you were a school kid. Like the song, perhaps like the band in general, it plays daft, yet it’s actually all really rather clever.

Document is out tomorrow via Lost Map Records. Click HERE for more information on Savage Mansions.

You can also catch the band live this weekend if you happen to be in Scotland, with a stunning all-dayer (also featuring Spinning Coin, Martha Ffion and more) Saturday in Glasgow, and a Perth show on Sunday.

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