[PREMIERE] Swine Tax – Never Ending / Thorns

They only formed last year, yet Newcastle-Upon-Tyne trio, Swine Tax, have already made quite the impression with their abrasive take on indie music. Fusing the influence of American College Rock, in the shape of bands like Modest Mouse and Pavement, with the trademark angular-artsiness of their home city, the band have had bloggers clamouring to declare them the latest saviours of guitar music. The band are back this week with their new double-A single, Never Ending / Thorns, which we’re premiering here today.

ST6 - Chris Crowder.jpg
Photos by Chris Crowder

Never Ending is, in the band’s own words, is a person, “defiantly trying to hold back the tides of time and is determined to cling onto a transitory pleasure, which in reality, will nevertheless fade from their memory and eventually disappear forever.” The whole thing is perhaps surmised in the overly optimistic lyrical pronouncement, “I’ll hold back the moment, it’s never ever ever ending”. Musically, the track is Swine Tax at their most muted and emotional, the prominent bassy tones of the intro reminiscent of British Sea Power or The Cure, before the slacker-influenced guitars come rightly back to the fore. They even find room for the whole thing to break-down beneath a spoken word sample, then come roaring back into a delightfully funky outro: those who remember fellow Newcastle noise-makers Kubicheck! are in for a real treat.

Thorns adds a touch of Jesus & Mary Chain like wall-of-fuzz to proceedings atop the always frenetic rhythms, bombastic guitar riffing and impassioned vocal howl: a lovely counter-point to Never Ending. These two tracks, alongside an EP launch this Saturday, an Autumn tour and an album recording session booked in at MJ’s Suburban Home Studio, all suggest a band very much worth keeping an eye on.

Never Ending / Thorns is out now. Click HERE for more information on Swine Tax.


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