[PREMIERE] Lorkin O’Reilly – When the Days Cool Down

He may be twenty-four years old and now based out of Poughkeepsie in upstate New York, although listening to the music of Lorkin O’Reilly, you wouldn’t necessarily know it. Born in Edinburgh, this songwriter’s sound owes more to his Scottish and Irish roots than his current home, and more to the folk-style of the 1960’s than to anything modern. Lorkin just released his debut album, Heaven Depends, on Team Love Records and today we’re premiering the latest video from it, When The Days Cool Down.


Discussing his debut record, Lorkin has suggested it’s a, “musical representation of an immigrant’s journey”, much of the lyrical content dealing with the difficulty of starting a new live on the other side of the world. When The Days Cool Down, in particular seems to detail his life outside of music, working in the unglamorous world of construction by day, before writing songs in his kitchen by night. A world where the foreman keeps his eyes on your every turn, and works you to breaking point, just so you can keep on keeping on.

Musically, When The Days Cool Down, clearly owes a debt to the likes of Nick Drake and Bert Jansch, the guitar work is never short of stunning, as Lorkin’s rich vocal remains beautifully understated. Thankfully it’s no mere pastiche of an old sound; the rich waves of cello and violin, and the distant clatter of electric guitar, owing as much to the Dirty Three or Tortoise as they do to any traditional folk record. Perfectly unflashy, Lorkin O’Reilly is entirely out of keeping with musical trend, and for that reason his songwriting is allowed to shine entirely on its own terms; fads come and go, songwriting this fantastic is a timeless wonder.

Heaven Depends is out now via Team Love Records. Click HERE for more information on Lorkin O’Reilly.

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