On The Road – A Mixtape by Dead Naked Hippies

Dead Naked Hippies
Photo by Andrew Benge – http://www.andybenge.com

Formed at the back-end of 2016, Dead Naked Hippies are a Leeds-based trio, dealing in ferocious riffs, howling vocals, and an artsy angularity. The band released their debut EP back in September last year and have recently returned with blistering new single, Rare.

Discussing the track, front-woman Lucy Jewett has suggested, despite the ferocity of their music, it is not an attempt to alienate, instead wanting to bring people together, “it is a song about self love. I think we’re quick to judge the term & deem it laughable or irrelevant in fear of being arrogant, or weird. But if you take a hard look at the society we live in, it’s clear to see why so many people struggle to feel content in their own minds and their own bodies. I’ve always struggled with myself and it sickens me to think that so many other people feel the same. It needs to change”. 

The track fits into a wider mission statement for the band: an attempt to identify all the things that are holding back our creativity. A feeling that creates a powerful sense of injustice that can actually bring us together, “We’re made to feel like our creativity and passion will never be as important as serving a functional purpose in society. It’s dull, boring and I’m fucking mad about it. Most importantly, I want people to know that they’re not alone”. With plenty to say and the songs to back up those words, Dead Naked Hippies look set to take the music scene by storm.

As they prepare to head back out on the road, with impressive slots alongside the likes of Honeyblood, Pins, Drahla and more, the band have put together a mixtape of some of the songs that keep them going on on the road, featuring the likes of Fever Ray, Holy Fuck and Snoop Dogg.

This is a collection of songs we put on when Joe begins to fade slightly while driving back from a gig. Joe shoulders all the chauffeuring responsibilities at the moment and after he’s had a day at work, loaded the car, driven four hours, unloaded the car, played a gig, then driven back knowing he’s getting up for work the next day, it’s up to our DJ skills to keep him bright eyed and bushy tailed.
Failing that it’s long talks about WW2, the fall of the Soviet Union, the future of motor travel and many other subjects we know little about.

These are the songs that keep DNH alive on the road (and make us feel like we’re in a Fast and Furious film).

Lucy’s picks;

1. Fever Ray – Seven

2. Young Fathers – Toy

3. Nala – Look At Me

Joe’s picks;

1. Holy Fuck – Xed Eyes

2. Underworld + Iggy POP – Bells & Circles

3. Massive Attack – Dissolved Girl

Jacob’s picks;

1. Death Grips – No Love

2. Suuns – Powers Of Ten

3. Sophie – PonyBoy

Snoop Dogg – Riders On The Storm
Rare is out now. Click HERE for more information on Dead Naked Hippies.

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