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We Say…

Indiepop quartet Adults came to the attention of many last year with MSN, their contribution to the Art Is Hard Singles Club. The band initially bonded over, “desperately trying to be adults and desperately trying to rip off other bands”, however they soon stumbled upon their own sound, as showcased on their recent debut cassette, The Weekend Was Almost Always Over.

Dealing in a similarly energetic and scratchy take on indie to bands like Los Campesinos! and Johnny Foreigner, Adults’ sound is built around wiry guitar-line, shout along girl-boy vocals and frenetic drum beats.

They Say…


Photo by Rebecca Healey –

FTR: For those who don’t know who are adults?

We aren’t skinheads, we are (dan joe joely and tom) a wee indie noise pop band formed of hometown friends and a uni one. We’ve been playing together for maybe 2 yrs… the guys were playing together before and then I (joely) bumped into tom at a brunch gig at diy space and i joined in.

FTR: What can you remember about your first show?

I think it was at the good ship (R.I.P.) for a night our friend sam used to put on with bark. We have a song called ‘dolce vita’ and so we wanted the Ryan Paris vid to play in the background the entire time but due to a ‘technical glitch’ the fan was left missing out. we didn’t drop the dream tho.

FTR: What can people expect from the adults live show?

The sort of shambles u wanna get behind..? I think we will always be slightly nervous. Joe recently moved to Madrid so it’s left tom and I sharing the drum duties if he’s not in town. and he’s out of our league.

FTR: Why do you make music? Why not another art form?

Why does the edge wear a hat?

FTR: What’s next for adults?

We’ve just put out a tape so we r hoping to play as much as possible and get out to a few more parts of the country. We r playing the Wharf Chambers in Leeds on the 5th Nov, which is the furthest we’ve been. Basically an international act now. Maybe an ‘almost-next-door-tour’ 2k19. we already have lots of new songs so then save those $$$ and give the fan what they want. Oh and it’s karaoke at diy space this friday. so one of us will be there, really causing a stir.

A pleasure chatting at u FTR xox

They Listen To…

1. Fresh – Nighttime

They write really great songs. played to death in tom’s car. also love ME REX, a fresh side project. the album stegosaurus is well worth a bandcamp search.

2. SACRED PAWS – Empty Body

Their sound is recognisable a mile off and the set up with the interchanging of instruments and band members is really grand to watch live. we love this album – could pick any track.

3. Charmpit – Margot

Charmpit are the antidote to music’s woes. and this song has the best line: ‘no such thing as a neoliberal baby. every baby is a natural born punk’.

4. Brunch – Taxi Feelings

Brunch are a great band. this is our favourite song of theirs. We’ve played with brunch a couple of times and also seen them play with Doe a few times, who are also great. Their bassist is real kind and supportive, he was one of the first and only people to buy our tape.

5. Birdskulls – Rolling Tongue

This song is an absolute banger. we cover it, its fun and people get super excited and compliment us on our amazing track. We played with them just before they split and it left a hole in our set, but they did play it better.

The Weekend Was Always Almost Over is out now. Click HERE for more information on Adults.

Adults play our gig night at The Victoria on October 5th. Click HERE for more information.


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