Five Things We Liked This Week – 05/10/18

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5. Haiku Salut Occupy A New Space

Having recently crashed into the record store charts with There Is No Elsewhere, their third, and quite possibly best, album to date, these are rather exciting times for Derbyshire’s Haiku Salut. The instrumental-electroish trio are currently in the middle of a largely sold out tour of their lamp show, think lots of vintage lamps flickering on and off in time to the music, and yet somehow this week found time to release the latest single from the record, Occupy, alongside a virtual reality video.

While Occupy might now have strong political connotations, as Sophie from the band explains, “the title refers to the occupation of your own space and learning to be proud of who you are, a feeling of celebration and pride.” The accompanying video celebrates that by depicting a series of moments of happiness and unity, “we got everyone we knew to come and film a tiny moment of joy.” All very fitting for a track that is utterly joyous, building from a fluttering Postal Service-like intro, bassier tones soon enter alongside the most gloriously glitchy pulses and reverberating xylophones, there’s even a section about two minutes in where for a few seconds it seems to go into a full, glow-stick waving, technicolor rave-up, which is brilliant! Joy, togetherness, pride and occupation, Haiku Salut are band at the peak of their powers, they’ve never sounded better or more important.

There Is No Elsewhere is out now via Prah Recordings. Click HERE for more information on Haiku Salut.

4. Fightmilk Are Moving On

While we normally try to leave a little gap between raving about the same band twice, we’ll make no apologies for mentioning Fightmilk again. The London-based quartet are gearing up to next months release of their debut album, Not With That Attitude, and have this week shared the life-modelling gone wrong video to new single, How You Move On.

How You Move On, is a delightfully crushing admonishment of singer Lily Rae’s former squeeze who decided he should mark their break-up by getting a tattoo of an ugly tree over his heart to commemorate their relationships demise; we’ll let you make your own mind up as to whether that’s a good idea. The rambunctious single, is a shout along triumph, all bombastic guitar riffing, clattering drums and yell-along emotive vocals. As Lily explains, “I like to try and write songs that I’d want to sing at karaoke whilst drunk which explains the chorus. It’s entirely designed for post-breakup girls-night-out karaoke.” If only more karaoke bars had a set of underground indie-punk bangers available, we’d meet you there!

Not With That Attitude is out November 2nd via Reckless Yes. Click HERE for more information on Fightmilk.

3. When Did Allen Tate Get Like This?

Probably best know as the frontman of orchestral-poppers San Fermin, Allen Tate took his first steps into the solo arena with his 2016 debut, Sleepwalkers, an album that was promising if a little one-dimensional. This week, Allen has shared a new single, When Did I Get Like This, the first track from the follow-up album, In The Waves.

From the second When Did I Get Like This begins, there’s an obvious progress to Allen Tate’s songwriting. The drums have the bounce of Boxer-era The National, while the vocal, always a wonderful instrument, has all the croon and class of Hamilton Leithauser. Allen even has the good sense to tag a guitar solo onto the end that’s surely lifted straight from Boys Don’t Cry, and equally wonderful. Discussing the track, Allen has suggested it’s about his battles with self-doubt; with songs this exciting, he might be the only person left in any doubt.

When Did I Get Like This is lifted from Allen Tate’s second record, In The Waves. Click HERE for more information on Allen Tate.

2. Lala Lala’s New Single Has Us Jumping

As well as having possibly the best band name ever, Lala Lala, the project of Chicago-based musician Lillie West, make music that’s every bit as good. The band have this week announced they’ll be heading over to Europe for the first time early next year, in support of recent album The Lamb, and Lala Lala have also shared the video to their new single, Scary Movie.

Scary Movie is thankfully much better, and more subtle, than the film its title references; Lillie plucks out a repeated guitar pattern, as her vocal, coated in a perfectly judged amount of reverb, takes much of the melodic weight. The result is a sort of fraught beauty, everything sounds perfect, yet there’s a melancholy to it. The lyrics with references to immortality, blood-letting and hands around necks, certainly creates an all too real unease. Lillie has suggested the track is about the blurring of reality and fiction, referenced in the video formed of footage Lillie’s parents filmed before she was born, as she explains, “this is where I came from, but if I view it as memory, I am technically wrong. It feels real and fake at the same time, which is how every day feels sometimes.” An always intriguing artist, Lala Lala looks set to resonate with a much larger audience before the year is out.

The Lamb is out now via Hardly Art. Click HERE for more information on Lala Lala.

1. Check Out The Latest Adwaith Update

Our love for Adwaith is well documented; we’ve been boring anyone who’ll listen silly on just how great the Carmarthen-based trio are since we first heard them back in 2016, and guess what, it turns out people are starting to agree with us, well Welsh people anyway.  They’ve been getting airplay from Huw Stephens on Radio 1, they’ve been remixed by James Dean Bradfield, they’re going on tour with Gwenno, you name it, and it’s Welsh, and Adwaith have probably done it. The evidence of Adwaith’s brilliance will be there for all to see next week when they release their debut album Melyn (that’s yellow for all of you reading in English), and this week they’ve shared their latest single,Y Diweddaraf.

Y Diweddaraf, which Google informs us means Update, see’s Adwaith dialing up the psych-side of their sound, via prominent bass-lines, and a driving beat that Warpaint would be pleased to call their own. Discussing the inspiration behind the track Adwaith suggest it is, “a reaction to everyone saying leaving uni to do music was stupid! It’s about feeling empowered to do whatever you want regardless.” This is the sound of pursuing your dreams, believing in what you’re passionate about and being brave enough to throw your all into it, this is the sound of Adwaith, and we’re not going to stop telling you about it anytime soon.

Melyn is out October 12th via Libertino Records. Click HERE for more information on Adwaith.

Header photo is Adwaith as shot by The Shoot

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