[PREMIERE] Ghost Guilt – Mating In Captivity

Thrashy Durham grungers, Ghost Guilt, caught the attention of many at the end of last year, with their appropriately debut EP, EP1. The band, who describe their music as, “happy songs about shitty subjects”, are set to return this Friday, with the ever reliable Everything Sucks Music putting out their second EP. Ahead of that release we’re premiering the video to the record’s title track, Mating In Captivity.

press image

There’s something fantastically primal about Mating In Captivity’s sound; from the frenetic, heavily distorted, guitar riffing to the drums that are less played and more battered into submission. It is a track with all the primal energy of The Undertones or The Damned, cut through with a splash of Sonic Youth’s intense desire to make as much noise as possible.

Lyrically, it seems to be about being stuck with someone, long after any spark has faded, questioning whether you could ever fall for someone shopping in PC World, and whether a King Size Bed is just an excuse for further distance between you. The contrastingly exuberant video, made by Ste from the band Mouses, is an odyssey of whippets, sun-glasses and costume changes: every bit as playful as the content is bleak. A thrilling return for yet another great Durham punk-band.

Mating In Captivity is out October 12th via Everything Sucks Music. Click HERE to pre-order your copy, and HERE for more information on Ghost Guilt.

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