[PREMIERE] The Magic Lantern -Darling Day

The Magic Lantern is the eclectic musical offering of London-based songwriter, Jamie Doe. After releasing a handful of well received singles, Jamie is gearing up to release his new album, To The Islands. Much of the album is inspired by Jamie’s recent journey back to his childhood home in Australia and, “explores memory and hope in a world of near constant uncertainty”. Today we’re premiering the latest track from the record, Darling Day.


Discussing the track, Jamie has suggested, like much of the album, Darling Day is at least partially to do with learning to live with the fear and anxiety of the everyday. Darling Day in particular focuses on, “the unique kind of anxiety I get when I wake up and worry during the early hours”, as Jamie further explains, “in the darkness and the near silence of the pre-dawn, worries and fears can grow and fill the empty space. When that happens I lie there almost willing the dawn to break, for some sound to tell me I’m not alone and for the first rays of morning light to give shape back to the dark.”

Musically, Darling Day is, initially at least, The Magic Lantern at their most stripped back, nodding towards Nick Drake or 100 Acres of Sycamore-era Fionn Regan, as Jamie is largely accompanied by gently finger-picked guitar lines. Across the track’s five-and-a-half minute duration it gradually swells, even as it remains delightfully subtle. Initially woodwind arrive, before drums enter, somewhat louder and straighter than you’d expect and latterly keyboards, saxophones and percussion create a quiet crescendo of sorts, before it fades into echo and reverb. The choice of instrumentation is nothing short of superb.

A songwriter combining the muted honesty of folk with the complexity and intrigue of jazz, ultimately The Magic Lantern’s sound is one based largely on the quality of his songwriting, and on this evidence, that’s never been stronger.

To The Islands is out November 2nd via Hectic Eclectic Records. Click HERE for more information on The Magic Lantern.

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