[ALBUM PREMIERE] Move Under Your Own Power – Salvage: A DIY Pop Compilation

Move Under Yr Own Power is a zine, compilation and sort of archiving project that is coordinated every couple of years or so by Kirsty Fife, who you may know from the band Cat Apostrophe. The zine is dedicated to giving a voice to women, queers and non-binary musicians to discuss their creative practice, the diy scene and making music together.

Continuing their brilliant work, MUYOP have put together a covers compilation featuring the great and good of the DIY-pop community, all in the name of raising money for Salvage Collective. The charity aim to bring together women (cis, trans & intersex), trans & non-binary survivors and activists who experience gender oppression, violence and abuse in UK activist communities to nurture activist cultures of care, accountability & safety. Salvage aims to provide a network to share experiences, resources and skills, and build communities of belief, support and action.

There are a few firm favourites of ours on the tape; Panic Pocket offer a recording of a live favourite, their lo-fi electro-twist to Ida Maria’s, I Like You So Much Better When You’re Naked, while Fightmilk demonstrate their exquisite taste by reminding us just how great Dead Oaks by Now Now is. Cat Apostrophe capture all the emotion in Since You’ve Been Gone, The Ethical Debating Society offer a fantastic rendition of The Manic Street Preachers’ classic, Yes, and Nervous Twitch capture all the charming simplicity of The Velvet Underground’s, After Hours.

As with all these compilations there’s also plenty of new to us discoveries to be found; Brighton’s Furore take The Spook School’s Binary to its naturally robotic conclusion, Sleepwalk channel their inner The Cure with a cover of Radiator Hospital’s Lose Site Of You and Kermes capture the breathless wonder of Courtney Barnett’s, Pedestrian At Best.

This is essentially a perfect combination; an excellent cause, that’s thankfully also backed up with some sublime and intriguing music. Get out their and buy yourself a copy while you still can.

Salvage: A DIY Pop Compilation is out now. Click HERE for more information on Move Under Your Own Power, and HERE for more information on Salvage Collective.

Artwork by Kirsty Fife. Article photos from left right are Panic Pocket by Carl Farugia (http://www.carlfarrugia.co.uk), Fightmilk by Marcus Jamieson-Pond (https://www.jampondphotography.com) and Nervous Twitch by Lizzie Coombes (https://www.facebook.com/LizzieCoombesPhotographer)


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