[PREMIERE] Robert Sotelo – Looking Backwards

Back in 2017, Glasgow-based wonky-pop hero Robert Sotelo, caught the attention of many with his debut LP, Cusp, that was shared via Upset The Rhythm. Robert returned recently with a new EP, Botanical on Californian label Nicey Music. The record was something of a departure; Robert challenging himself to write only on keyboards he’d bought specifically for the project, with an understandably limited budget. The EP was recorded over a short period, that also coincided with his final weeks as a London resident. Today, ahead of his final shows of the year, we’re sharing his new video, Looking Backwards.


Looking Backwards is one of those wonderful tracks that on first listen seems simple enough, and only slowly shows you just how odd it is on repeat listens. As with an artist like Ed Dowie or Oh Peas!, Robert dresses-up something hugely complex as something simple and minimalistic. A bassy-pulse opens the track, before a meandering waltzing keyboard fades into place and Robert’s syncopated vocal delivery enters.

Accompanied by a wonderfully odd, Goldfish inspired video, on Looking Backwards, Robert Sotelo seems to have hit a sweet spot of modesty and mastery. There’s an enthusiastic innocence to proceedings, a moment of escapism from the mundane and every day, and isn’t that just what the world needs sometimes?

Botanical is out now via Nicey Music. Click HERE for more information on Robert Sotelo.

Video made by Ian McCall from the band Lylo – click HERE for more information on Ian’s work.

Tour Dates
Dec 5th Upset The Rhythm: Eric Chenaux + Robert Sotelo ( The Islington, London)

Dec 15th Empress Maude + Robert Sotelo + Vidra Limpos + Eleanor Joan (The Flying Duck, Glasgow)


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