[PREMIERE] Moderate Rebels – Value Of Shares

Like so much the London anti-music collective, Moderate Rebels, do, their upcoming second album wasn’t really planned, “we went into the studio with a couple of songs to record an EP, and we ended up with an album-length EP. We like to just let things happen and for songs to mostly write themselves”. That album, Shared Values, is out at the end of the month, and ahead of its release we’re sharing the sort of reverse title track, Value Of Shares.

HR Credit_Colin Williams 7
Photos by Colin Williams

Discussing the track, the band have suggested Value of Shares, “touches on modern life turning virtual and full of substitutes”. There’s a touch of The Fall to the intro; all clattering guitars and driving rhythms, as a voice calls out, “I’m an atheist, thank god”. The track picks up into a driving, cyclical form of repetition, a multitude of voices chiming in unison, “I like you and you like me”, as frantic stabs of piano are coated in swirling waves of synths and effected guitars. It’s a track that fits neatly into the band’s ethos, “less chords and words – vague and direct – complicated but simple”.

We’re left with just one question, what is Anti-Music? “To us, being ‘anti-music’ is about valuing exciting ideas over technical ability. There’s nothing better for a Moderate Rebels song than a bunch of questions that us and others are grappling with. We don’t believe in easy answers, but we believe in asking lots of questions – always.” Always questioning, always intriguing, these Moderate Rebels are anything but middle of the road.

Shared Values is out November 30th via Everyday Life Recordings. Click HERE for more information on Moderate Rebels.

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