[PREMIERE] MOLAR – Weights And Values

December is a musical dead-zone, full of the same old Christmas songs and nothing of any artistic value right? Wrong! It might be late in the year but Straniero, the upcoming EP from London-based multinational riot-punks, MOLAR, might just be one of the year’s most exciting and important records. Ahead of its release next week on Everything Sucks Music, today we’re premiering the EP’s closing track, Weights And Values.


Discussing the track, Eilidh from the band suggests Weights And Values is a track, “about feeling pressured to evaluate, quantify, measure everything you do/are and having a precious caring friend who just sits with you and is there while you go through all that mind-numbing bean counting.” In a world where many feel the pressure to live their best life constantly and gain the public acclaim that comes with it, sometimes you just have to let that go, as Eilidh explains, eventually you realise, “you don’t give a shit and metaphorically drive off into the sunset in a convertible with your mates.”

The EP was produced at Soundsavers Studio by Witching Waves’ Mark Jasper, and you can hear a bit of his band in this particular track, the energy of the frenetic drumming, the jagged jugular crushing guitars, it’s a match made in heaven. As ever with MOLAR’s music, it’s the sheer energy and rage of the piece that shines; something in the vocal delivery, the break-neck speed they deliver everything at, it cuts into something visceral, primal and utterly thrilling. MOLAR might just be the capital’s most exciting band.

Straniero is out December 14th via Everything Sucks Music, you can Pre-Order the record now. Click HERE for more information on MOLAR.


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