[PREMIERE] GINS – Bruise Your Ego

GINS in the musical moniker of Bristol-based songwriter, Georgie Biggin. Originally dabbling in acoustic-folk, Georgie was inspired by time spent at The Academy Of Music, and has moved into a more electronic direction. With a new EP currently being worked on, today we’re premiering the latest GINS single, Bruise Your Ego, being launched this Sunday in collaboration with Uncollective Records.

Photos are stills from the upcoming video by Molly Denton – https://twitter.com/mollydenton_

Discussing the track, Georgie has suggested Bruise Your Ego is a documentation of, “an independent woman’s frustrations with the male ego and patriarchal neuroticism”. Lyrically, the track is something of a masterclass in minimalism. Words are sparsely delivered, and hit with a greater weight as a result, as Georgie sings, “welcome to our world”, before going on to ask, “does it bruise your ego that I’ve got a voice too”, you can feel the quiet seething that masculinity could have had so much space to be heard, and still feel so fragile. Later in the track, with a wonderfully dismissive air, she notes “you’re not my problem”.

Musically, the track is equally understated, using little more than flickering electronic percussion and gently distorted vocals. As with acts like David Allred or Imogen Heap, it’s the clever use of the voice as an instrument that shines; sections of words are sampled and re-purposed as percussive pulses, or melodic counterpoints, creating an intimate and intricate whole. A gentle elegant piece of composition, Bruise Your Ego is in its own quiet way, a revelation.

Bruise Your Ego is out February 3rd via Uncollective Records. Click HERE for more information on GINS.

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