[PREMIERE] Tullycraft – It’s Not Explained, It’s Delaware

Formed in Seattle back in 1995, Tullycraft are a band who’ve always existed outside of the gaze of the mainstream. Widely recognised as pioneers of the twee-scene in their native USA, the band spent many years touring relentlessly and after the release of 2013’s Lost In Light Rotation, the band all but retired from touring to focus on other aspects of living. They never stopped writing music together though, and after five-years returned earlier this month with their seventh album, The Railway Prince Hotel. Today we’re premiering the video to the latest single from that record, It’s Not Explained, It’s Delaware.

Photos by John E. Hollingsworth

The track is explained by the oft-overlooked state of Delaware, as they explain, “each year I spend about a week in Delaware, my wife grew up there. It’s a very insulated, curious state. Locals tend to all-at-once be both defensive and proud about being from Delaware. They are defensive over their perceived insignificance, and very proud of the fact that their state was the first to ratify the Constitution. As a visitor you will be constantly reminded of this fact. That being said, I like Delaware. But each time I’m there an odd social exchange will inevitably occur, and when I curiously look at my wife she simply says “it’s not explained, it’s Delaware”. The song is very loosely based on those exchanges.” Tullycraft explain the track also boasts an impressively odd set of reference points namely, “Caesar Rodney, the 1776 Continental Congressman from Delaware and Nervous Twitch, the Leeds-based garage/punk band. I’m certain this is the first time those two have been featured in a song together”.

To us, this track just feels like classic Tullycraft, a band who have always walked the line between the joy of indie-pop and ragged energy of garage-punk. The half-spoken vocals, the rhythmic pulse of guitar and fluttering beats, they’re all present and correct, and sounding as fresh and exciting as ever. Laced with obscure indie-pop references, razor sharp wit and a heartbrokenly comedic side, the lyrics are as wonderful as ever, arguably more so than ever before. Remarkably, seven albums in,  with life threatening to get in the way, Tullycraft seem to have stumbled upon a record every bit as exciting and important as they’ve ever sounded, whisper it but this might just be their finest album yet.

The Railway Prince Hotel is out now via Happy Happy Birthday To Me Records. Click HERE for more information on Tullycraft

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