[PREMIERE] Kyle Hamlett Uno – Sense Apart

We could certainly forgive you for not having heard of Kyle Hamlett Uno, his solo internet presence currently stretches to a Patti Smith inspired Christmas single on Bandcamp and, well, not a lot else. However as frontman of Nashville art-rockers, Lylas, he’s been making music for nearly fifteen years, all of which has been building to the release of his first solo album, Nowhere Far. Today, ahead of that release, we’re sharing his new single, Sense Apart.

UNO pic
Photo by Kelly Diehl 

Sense Apart is an intriguing introduction to Kyle’s intriguing musical viewpoint. Atop an almost kraut-rock rhythm, he layers reverberating vocals, warm pulses of harmonica and bright, Velvet Underground like guitars. The result is a sort of off-beat pop song colliding with something creative and its own way, subtly boundary pushing.

Perhaps more than anything, what’s exciting about Sense Apart is the variety of twists and turns you feel Kyle Hamlett Uno’s music could take next. There’s the potential for perfect three minute pop songs, for genre bending experimentation, for music that explores the furthest reaches of where Kyle’s intriguing mind wants to take us: new music doesn’t get much more exciting than that.

Nowhere Far is out March 29th. Click HERE for more information on Kyle Hamlett Uno.

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