[PREMIERE] The Weird Years – New Ever After

The Weird Years are a small scale supergroup from Brooklyn, featuring members, past or present, from the likes of Fort Gorgeous, Secret Someones and Shapes In Calgary. The band use this vast musical experience to craft their take on dreamy folk-pop, which will be shared with the world on their atmospheric debut EP out later this month. Today we’re premiering the record’s closing track, New Ever After.

Photo Feb 20, 3 39 31 AM
Photo by Shervin Lainez – https://www.shervinfoto.com

New Ever After is track equal parts breezy melodies and hidden complexity, as intricate, almost industrial drum rhythms play out beneath, reverberating multi-tracked vocals and glistening guitar chords. Despite the heavy processing, the song never feels cold or robotic; the emotional honesty, fears and doubts of the lyrics, giving the whole thing a delightfully human feel.

The band’s upcoming EP is one that seems to mark them out as having something uniquely charming to offer. They cite influences like Phoebe Bridgers and Here We Go Magic, yet seem to have created a sound that is entirely, and wonderfully, their own. The band explain more about New Ever After and its end of the world love song vibe below.

New Ever After is an apocalyptic love song. Billy brought the group this very sunny chord progression, but we got deep into conversation about global warming the day we were writing together. We rolled with it and ended up loving the juxtaposition of these dark lyrics with what might sound like a happy-go-lucky instrumental soundscape. The contrast conveys a sense of uneasiness that mimics how so many people feel about climate change— they know it’s happening, but the details are fuzzy. There are things they can do to help change the course, but it feels inevitable so they just keep chugging along as normal. We sing, “Tell me a different story, I want to play pretend” right at the top of the song— the situation feels so daunting to people and they (understandably) sometimes want to pretend it’s not happening.

We added some surprising key changes and some spacey looped vocals to add to the uneasiness. It wound up being a love song about the end of the world, about knowing that everything is falling to pieces but still finding hope and happiness in someone you love.

The Weird Years EP is out March 29th. Click HERE for more information on The Weird Years.

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