[PREMIERE] Panic Pocket – Pizza In My Pants

Panic Pocket, our favourite DIY-duo, consisting of long-term BFFs Natalie and Sophie, have come a long way since their debut at First Timers Fest back in 2017. Now signed to the increasingly crucial Reckless Yes label, the pair are set to release their debut EP, Never Gonna Happen, next month. The record is simply one of our favourite releases of the year to date, four tracks about bad bosses, joyless sexual encounters and falling for people you only know through Instagram. Today we’re premiering the video to the latest track from it, Pizza In My Pants.

Never Gonna Happen Artwork by Sophie Peacock https://www.instagram.com/laura.mipsum // Header photo by Carl Farrugia – https://carlfarrugia.co.uk/

Pizza In My Pants, isn’t just a great title, it’s also an exciting fleshing out of Panic Pocket’s sound. While earlier recordings, and their unmissable live show, have been as minimal as keyboard and guitars; here prominent bass and drums, courtesy of fellow DIY-alumni Wolf Girl, add a more driving punkier feeling to proceedings. At the heart of it, the Panic Pocket appeal remains the vocal interplay of Natalie and Sophie; here Natalie’s harmonious lead-lines are perfectly backed by Sophie’s more resonant, almost dead-pan counter melodies.

Lyrically, the track continues to walk the tight-rope between comic indifference and a quarter life crisis. Pizza In My Pants seems to laugh in the face of societal expectations in a world where women are still expected to be settled down with a few kids sooner rather than later. You can almost hear the nagging undertones, as they describe being told how Rachel’s got ring on her finger, and Emma’s shacked up with her banker husband in a house in suburbs. At the heart of it, Panic Pocket are quite happy without all that in their lives, “I’m not fussed with pro-creation, I prefer my Playstation”, just one of many memorable ways of explaining how they’d much rather find their own path through this crazy journey we call life.

Never Gonna Happen feels like a triumphant moment for the band, proof of the power of friendship, fun and personal expression to create wonderful, relatable music. They might be the DIY-scene’s best kept secret, yet increasingly it’s hard to see them staying that way, Panic Pocket are stars in the making.

Never Gonna Happen is out April 12th via Reckless Yes. Click HERE for more information on Panic Pocket.

Video by Gemma Grange – https://www.gemmagrange.com/

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