[PREMIERE] Adam Fligsten – Diagenesis

Based out of Los Angeles, Adam Fligsten has been making electronic music for the best part of twenty years. Alongside his personal musical output, Adam has spent the last decade scoring the computer game Outreach, in which he used entirely synthesizers from the Soviet Union, and part of Marvel v. Capcom: Infinite. Later this month Adam is set to return to more traditional musical releases, in the shape of a new album, Bloodier, and today we’re sharing the latest taste of that record, Diagenesis.


One of the first tracks written for Bloodier, Diagenesis is in Adam’s words, “an exploration of vibes guitars”. In the most honest sense, Diagenesis is the sound of Adam pushing his music to its limits, “I always want to push the texture of a song to just about the point that it gets close to falling apart or unraveling. This song gets pretty close to that feeling”.

Musically, Adam seems to walk a similar path to the likes of Boards Of Canada or Autechre, combining electronic experimentation with the atmospheric grandeur of post-rock. Diagenesis is a master-class in the slow-build, as reverberating guitar lines are gradually joined by scattering drum patterns and pulsing synth lines, as they tell the listener a wordless story.  This is instrumental music that refuses to fade into the background, far more than just a soundtrack, Adam Flingsten’s music is creating a narrative all of its own.

Bloodier is out May 30th. Click HERE for more information on Adam Flingsten.


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