[VIDEO PREMIERE] Silent Forum – Safety in Numbers

Silent Forum formed back in 2015, yet have been taking their time as they look to establish themselves as one of Wales’ most exciting new bands. Since teaming up with the ever-excellent Libertino Records, the Cardiff-based quartet have released a pair of excellent singles, How I Faked The Moon Landings and Robot, each track seemingly pushing the band into new and more intriguing musical realms. The band are set to return this week with the release of Safety In Numbers, alongside expertly titled B-side, I Used to Hate Angry Young Men but Now I’m One of Them, and today we’re premiering the excellent video to Safety In Numbers.

Photo by The Shoot

Lyrically, Safety In Numbers is a celebration of friendship, as the band explain, this is a song that, “expresses the importance of looking after your friends……that time will forget us, but that our relationships are the most meaningful thing we can achieve in life.” Throughout the lyrics seem to flitter between self-doubt and the ability of a community to pull us through, I see dark emotions rise from nowhere, I’m only looking for security. With friends around me, who need my protection, there is safety in numbers”.

Musically, the track also seems a slightly more reflective affair compared to some of the band’s less compromising previous offerings. There’s a touch of Television to the angularly-melodic guitar lines, while the clever layering of vocals brings to mind Django Django or Grizzly Bear. Safety In Numbers is the sound of a band at their creative peak, pushing their music towards new ground without ever losing track of where their inspiration began. Another reminder, were it needed, that Welsh music is in a wonderful place right now, and Silent Forum are rightly at the front of that charge. Read Richard from the band’s thoughts on the video and check it out for yourself below.

“The music video sees Jaydon Martin trying to sum up various strands of human connection by mixing up old family videos with shots of the group singing together. We’re all dressed in different colour jumpers and polo shirts – colours chosen to reflect the mural on the front of the recently closed venue Gwdihŵ in Cardiff, which is also featured in the video.” 

Safety In Numbers is out May 10th via Libertino Records. Click HERE for more information on Silent Forum.

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