[PREMIERE] Andy Cook – Red Lights

What is it to be a man in 2019? That’s the question at the heart of Minneapolis-based songwriter Andy Cook’s new EP, Modern Man. Throughout the record, Andy seems to question where we are, reflecting on the influence of social media, lying politicians and how we all have to walk a line between fitting in and being ourselves. Today we’re sharing the video to the latest track lifted from the EP, Red Lights.

Photos by Mariah Crabb – https://www.mariahcrabbphotography.com

Recalling the likes of Kevin Morby or a less sleepy Kurt Vile, Red Lights combines Americana-influenced vocals with the shimmering guitar-lines of the breeziest indie-pop. Lyrically the track places the narrator as the life and soul of the party, reflecting in the cold light of day; questioning if those who seemed to revel in their flamboyant behaviour of a night time, are still friends when the sun comes up.

Like most of Modern Man, Red Lights is about the constant battle to stay relevant, to remain valuable beyond your own internal monologue. You can read Andy’s thoughts on the accompanying video, and then check it out for yourself below.

“I love New York, and old home movies are usually cool, hilarious, embarrassing, or all of the above. So I wanted to bring the home movie vibe using tour footage to this song that’s all about the strange space between connection and longing. ‘Red Lights’ is written from the perspective of someone who’s the life of the party at night, and then left wondering if their friends are still for real in the morning. I think it’s clear in the video I’m never the life of a party, but I think we’re all sort of in that place sometimes, right? So we do the best we can and make some noise along the way.”

Modern Man is out now via Good Eye Records. Click HERE for more information on Andy Cook.

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