Get To Know – The Paranoyds

We Say…

The Paranoyds are a self-styled, “gritty, garage rock”, four-piece hailing from Los Angeles.  The band have recently signed to Suicide Squeeze Records, home to the likes of The Coathangers and Death Valley Girls, and are set to head out on a US tour with Tacocat next month. To celebrate, the band recently released their excellent new AA-single, Hungry Sam/Trade Our Sins, with a limited vinyl pressing on the way shortly.

Both of The Paranoyds latest tracks showcase their winning blend of snarling punk and classic garage rock. Snarling vocals, with the aim of sounding, “over-it-but-totally-into-it”, drift atop surfy-guitar lines, propulsive bass and the prominent addition of wailing keyboard sounds, adding a woozy Doors-like swagger to the proceedings. Hungry Sam is an energetic and strutting warning of the dangers of excess, while Trade Our Sins, is a more sultry and gentle affair, celebrating two lovers joyfully sinning as the world burns around them. A fresh spin on the anarchic bratty-rock their label shares with wonderful regularity, The Paranoyds might just be the jewel in Suicide Squeeze’s rather impressive punk-crown.

They Say…

Photo by Tony Accosta –

FTR: For those who don’t know who are The Paranoyds?

We’re a gaggle of gals and one guy, from LA. We’re inspired by a lot of music from decades past (who isn’t?!) If we had to say what we think we (hopefully) sound like it would be… sort of like if Devo and The Breeders had a baby, and that baby’s aunt and uncle were Sonic Youth and the B-52’s. And said baby is really into horror film soundtracks.

FTR: What can you remember about your first show?

Being insanely nervous. It was at a dive bar in Culver City that was jam-packed in the way that a hot and sweaty dive bar can get. There was an aquarium there too.

FTR: Why do you make music? Why not another art form?

Making music inherently gives way to the opportunity to dabble in other art forms—it’s pretty much all-encompassing. We do our best to do as much as we can “in-house” so to speak. Whether that’s designing our own EP & album artwork and merch or collaborating with directors who let us pitch our own ideas for music videos, we like to be involved in all aspects of the creative process.

FTR: What can people expect from The Paranoyds live show?

Dancing, energy, a lot of hair, and awkward stage banter!

FTR: What’s next for The Paranoyds?

We’re getting ready to go on tour with Tacocat in June and have a 7” coming out in July on Suicide Squeeze. We also just finished a music video for an upcoming single and have other exciting news that we can’t talk about just yet…but can’t wait to share soon. 😊

They Listen To…

FEELS – Post Earth

Cherry Glazerr – That’s Not My Real Life

The Clean – Oddity

Wire – I Am The Fly

Ray Conniff – Alone Again (Naturally)

Hungry Sam / Trade Our Sins is out July 12th via Suicide Squeeze. Click HERE for more information on The Paranoyds.

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