[PREMIERE] Good In The Dark – If You Feel It

Good In The Dark are a Chicago-based trio of multi-instrumentalist Heather Perry, drummer Carlos J. Zapata, and guitarist Grant Goldsworthy. Their upcoming album is a classically DIY-affair recorded in the band’s basement and set for self-release in August. Today we’re sharing the latest taste of the record in the shape of the album’s title track, If You Feel It.


A band who are always happy to add a dance-beat to everything they do, If You Feel It is a particularly frenetic affair; as the band explain, “we wanted to explore noise and tempos and vocals that spike and plunge and work their way up to a fury again. And because it’s us, it had to be danceable”. It’s the sort of track that instantly transports back to us the dance-punk scene of the early 2000’s; scratchy Rapture-like guitar riffs, bouncing bass lines LCD System would be proud of and yelp along vocals the match of Le Tigre or early Yeah Yeah Yeahs.

Sure there’s an element of nostalgia here, yet Good In The Dark add a distinctly 2019-feel with the lyrical content. The track details the fragile sands our political system feels like it is currently built on, and the polarising effect that can have on our moods and minds, “some days I feel worth the trouble, some days I can’t do the math, some days put me back together, and some days I’m just losing my fucking mind”. The sort of track you want to hear in a dingy indie-club: you’ll just have to find one that’s still open first.

If You Feel It is out August 23rd. Click HERE for more information on Good In The Dark.

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