[PREMIERE] Erin K – I Have A Knack

Denver-born, and now spending her time between London and Berlin, Erin K, first emerged back in 2017 with her debut album, Little Torch. Erin’s next move is set to be shared with the world this month with the release of her second album, I Need Sound, and today we’re premiering the latest track from it, I Have A Knack.

Erin K_press pic_shadow_Derek James Miller
Photo and Header photo by Derek James Miller

Discussing I Need Sound,  Erin has suggested it is a record about attempting not to lose her joy for life, even in the face of personal dramas and farewells. I Have A Knack seems to fit into that theme, as it finds Erin asking someone to jump in head first and see what happens next, “let’s take a trip we’ll see if we can fly, I’m gonna jump it first ‘coz I have a knack for bending space and time”. Come with me she seems to say, and I promise a life of adventure and pain, “this is gonna hurt and I can’t guarantee we’ll come back and if we do your heart it won’t be in tact”. Yet for all the fearlessness of jumping in, pain and all, there’s a raft of doubts and questions elsewhere. The Clash sang should I stay or should I go, Erin offers only one option, “we can’t stay here because I don’t stand still, not for anyone, not for any thrill so let’s not stay here to fall in love, you’ll only fall out again”. 

The lyrical depth is accompanied by a breezy indie-pop song, pitched somewhere between the joyful summer pop of Camera Obscura and the grittier, grimier sounds of Rilo Kiley. At the forefront is Erin’s clipped vocal delivery, which walks the middle ground of Annie Clark and Regina Spector, as it chimes above choppy guitar chords and a steady rhythmic pulse. Like the words it accompanies, I Have A Knack sounds bold with just a touch of doubt, an almost devil-may-care pop song; leaping in, seeing where it takes you, even if you’re not entirely sure where you want to end up. Read on for Erin’s words on excellent accompanying video.

“I Have A Knack video features Dunja von K, a hula hooper from Germany who holds several Guinness world records. This video is one of several single shot videos I’’ve decided to create with dancers around Berlin. The concept is to allow the dancer complete freedom with regards to the choreography in response to the song. I like the lightness and energy with which she performs as the song is about someone’’s unique and quirky qualities. I Have A Knack is about a girl asking someone to take a risk with her and jump in together, and this theme is expressed by the playful, inviting nature of Dunja’s performance.”

I Need Sound is out July 12th via T3 Records. Click HERE for more information on Erin K.

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