[PREMIERE] Rich Boy Junkie with Heaven Honey – Stranger’s Kiss

Rich Boy Junkie is the musical project of Colin Thomas, recently re-located to San Diego from his native Chicago. We last heard from him back in the Summer of 2018, when he released his second album, Illinois, You’re Killing Me. Currently working on the follow up, Colin found himself inspired by Alex Cameron’s album, Forced Witness and decided to cover the record’s lead single, Stranger’s Kiss, which we’re premiering here today. Originally a duet between Cameron and Angel Olsen, Colin recruited Heaven Honey’s Jordan Gomes-Kushner to take on the second vocal, fresh from releasing her own rather excellent EP, Head Case.

Jordan and Colin met originally when the two shared bills together, and their two contrasting vocals instantly feel like a perfect match. Compared to the original, their take on the song seems to bring its driving-bass drum to the fore, adding a euphoric feel to the subtle country-twang of the original. Lyrically, Stranger’s Kiss is something of an anti-love song, where you’re dreaming of an ex and waking up relieved to be with anyone else, “in my dreams, I miss you, and I wake up to realities bliss, all I ever wanted and all I ever needed is right here in this stranger’s kiss”.

Colin has previously suggested he hates the term genre and with the ever evolving sound of Rich Boy Junkie that would come as no surprise. From early electronic experimentations, to the folk leaning of Illinois, You’re Killing Me, he has never been a musician willing to stand still. On this evidence, the upcoming Rich Boy Junkie record is set to be another bold stride into the unknown, one that already feels like his most intriguing to date.

Stranger’s Kiss is out now. Click HERE for more information on Rich Boy Junkie, and HERE for more information on Heaven Honey.

Heaven Honey photo by Liz Paveza // Rich Boy Junkie Photo by Arielle Chadwick

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