[PREMIERE] Soot Sprite – Bleed

Soot Sprite are a self-described sad-gaze band hailing from Exeter, which started as a the solo project of singer and guitarist, Elise Cook. After Elise’s home-recorded, debut EP, Comfort In Concrete, Soot Sprite expanded into their current three-piece line-up. Recently signed to Specialist Subject, the band are building up to the release of a brand new EP, Sharp Tongue, and today we’re sharing the first taster from it, their new single, Bleed.

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The opening track from Soot Sprite’s upcoming EP, Bleed is a track that comes gently into vision, as the atmospheric intro of reverberating guitar strums and swelling synths, gives way to an intensity lifting drum-beat. The track really comes to life when Elise’s double-tracked vocals enter, simultaneously uplifting and just a tiny bit sad, “I don’t trust someone who speaks a name all wrong”. There’s a delightful contrast between music and lyrics, while the processed guitar line has a distinctly mid-90’s feeling, Elise’s voice is timeless, an almost country-lilt that fans of Neighbor Lady or Julia Jacklin will fall for instantly.

The other joy with Bleed, is the way it gentle evolves, just when you think it’s settling into a familiar pattern, it takes an abrupt turn, the delightful flow of the middle section, all steady snare and chunky bass, abruptly fades to black, before a muted guitar riff re-emerges with Elise’s howled refrain, “they don’t bleed for you”. It’s arresting and effective, a hairs on the back of your neck moment, that you think might be the end of the track, before they find room for a dreamy break-down, then refer back to the previous section, “they’re not your friends, they don’t give a damn”. Soot Sprite even have the good taste to let the whole thing fade gently out on burbling electronics, rather than abruptly cutting it short in its prime. One of the most impressive new tracks we’ve heard all year, wherever the world has been hiding Soot Sprite, they’re not going to stay out of site for long.

Sharp Tongue is out October 11th via Specialist Subject. Click HERE for more information on Soot Sprite, and HERE to pre-order your copy.


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