[PREMIERE] Sumie – Moon

Sandra Sumie Nagano, or Sumie to use her musical monniker, is a Gothenburg based songwriter with a bloodline split between both Sweden and Japan. Emerging back in 2013 with her self-titled debut album, we last heard from Sumie two years ago when Bella Union shared her delightful second album, Lost In Light. Sumie is set to return next month with a brand new EP Mirou, and today we’re premiering the first track from it, Moon.

Press_SUMIE_ MIROU_ by Samuel Petersson
Photo by Samuel Petersson – https://samuelpetersson.com

Moon has suitably nocturnal feel to it, inspired not by travels into space though, and instead by the working of Sumie’s own unconscious mind. Describing the inspiration of the song, Sumie suggests it is, “a song about the dreams you have when you sleep. Where you can be anyone, anything and anywhere with someone you love”.

Musically, the track is a master class in light touch and subtlety, from the gorgeous echo of the meandering piano line, to Sumie’s prominent, sonorous vocal, equal parts Beth Gibbons and label-mate Marissa Nadler. It’s a track that seems to revel in the journey, not rushing to its destination instead weaving a path, full of beautiful intricate details, things to admire in an instant and grow to love more with each repeat listens. Plus there’s the added bonus of an absolutely beautiful video shot in Gothenburgs Botanical Garden, all subtle choreography and stunning sun-dappled scenes. Sumie’s lush musical world is one that you want to dive into, explore and get lost in, the sort of music you can listen to time and time again and still find something new to discover, and Mirou is shaping up to be Sumie’s most impressive landscape to date.

Mirou is out September 13th via Bella Union. Click HERE for more information on Sumie.

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