[PREMIERE] Kirsten Ludwig – I Think I’m Ready

Hailing from Victoria in British Colombia, Kirsten Ludwig caught the ears of many with her excellent 2018 album, We Get It Now, which came out on Kathryn Calder’s Oscar St. Records. Kirsten is currently gearing up to release her brand new EP, Wasted Time, and today we’re premiering the latest track from it, I Think I’m Ready.

The track builds from relatively humble beginnings as Kirsten’s voice is accompanied by just a loan guitar and the steady tick of a hi-hat, as the track progresses it seems to swell, building to an almost Rufus Wainwright like orchestral crescendo, as strings, woodwind and booming percussion enter the fray. Throughout the track’s four and a half minutes, there’s a winning subtlety to everything Kirsten brings, even when the instrumentation becomes rich and intense it never feels claustrophobic, each idea remains crystal clear and always relevant.

Discussing the track Kirsten has suggested, “while writing this song, I realized I wasn’t just talking about being ready for a new relationship, but also being open to the next stage in my life, whatever that looks like. The spaciousness of the song really represents the patience I feel for the future and the level of contentment I’m existing in right now. If you can, wait for the bridge“.

Lyrically, the track seems to play on ideas of what is expected of women, Kirsten questioning both the role she wants, and the one society seems to want for her; initially stating, “I’m not looking to get married, so let’s see how this goes”, before latterly finding herself, “washing dishes, imagining something beyond”.

As with her previous offering from Wasted Time, the lush and sashaying title track, Kirsten Ludwig seems to be moving her music into a brand new phase, a more ambitious world, full of complex and intriguing songwriting, and an EP that is shaping up to be her most exciting work to date.

Wasted Time is out soon via Oscar St. Records. Click HERE for more information on Kirsten Ludwig.

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