[PREMIERE] Painter – Standing Still/Cuttlefish

Formed in a Kings Cross pub back in 2017, Painter are a quintet, featuring members of bands like Cheerbleederz, Finnish Flag and Matagot. While the band have largely existed in practice rooms up until now, they’re stepping out into the world today with their brand new single, Standing Still/Cuttlefish. Produced by Richard Mandell from Happy Accidents, with whom the band have already started plotting their debut album, set to be recorded later this year.


Citing influences from 60’s, “dreamy melodies” to more contemporary acts like Anna Burch and Best Coast, Painter’s sound is one of jangling indie-pop guitars and swooning girl-group melodies, like the middle ground of Frankie Rose and The Shirelles. If musically, they’re traversing the classic and the modern, the lyrics too have a timeless quality, tales of heartache, whether that’s in the pre-relationship stasis of Standing Still, or Cuttlefish’s tale of someone who keeps coming back just as you think they’re out of your life, “took me so long to get over you, so why’d you come back, why’d you spoil my view”.

Standing Still is a particularly pained affair, you can hear the longing in lead-singer Emma Jennings’ voice as she recalls the first glances and missed opportunities of the one that got away, “I missed a trick, those months ago, and now we lay in separate spaces we don’t know. I can’t seem to fight it all these feelings that we’re denying, but we’re standing still”. 

Sure this is just two tracks at the very dawn of Painter’s musical journey, yet it already feels like the cusp of a wave, two perfectly formed pop-songs, that show a distinct sound and a polished perfection you’d expect from a band much further along the journey. With just two brush strokes, this already feels like the start of a stunning picture.

Standing Still/Cuttlefish is out today. Click HERE for more information on Painter.


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