[PREMIERE] The Just Joans – Dear Diary I Died Again Today

While largely known for their comically miserable lyrics and way with a catchy indie-pop banger, there might just be more to Glasgow’s The Just Joans than we ever previously realised. Approaching their upcoming album, The Private Memoirs of The Just Joans set out not just to capture lust and romance, they also aimed for something a little deeper. While the album won’t arrive until January, today we’re premiering the first track from the record, Dear Diary I Died Again Today.


The track tackles struggles with anxiety and the trauma of making small talk, taking on a maudlin honesty, a theme which is matched in the music via the additions of some undeniably gorgeous string arrangements. The track see’s Katie Pope, one half of the sibling vocalists who front the band, taking centre stage, accompanied by the sort of orchestral backing that made Monkey Swallows The Universe so utterly charming.

Lyrically, the track is delightfully straight talking as it details the universal feeling of the awkward and introverted, “everyday you’ve got to talk to somebody, somebody you’d really rather not”. While undeniably a new direction for the band, much of what made them so well loved remains; sure they’ve donned black-tie and headed to the conservatoire of classiness, but underneath it’s still unmistakably The Just Joans.

The Private Memoirs of The Just Joans is out in January via Fika Recordings. Click HERE for more information on The Just Joans.

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