[VIDEO PREMIERE] Fascinations Grand Chorus – Can’t Let Go

Fascinations Grand Chorus are an indie-pop duo based out of Jersey City, consisting of, “rival songwriters”, Stephanie Cupo and Andrew Pierce. Back in November, the band released their debut album, Presentations Of Electrical Confectionery, a release they describe as a competition; a friendly challenge between the two to push the various boundaries of their songwriting, producing and arranging. The result is a nostalgic blast of bubble-gum pop that celebrates the nostalgic thrills of disposable entertainment and its ability to pull us back into our own memories. Today we’re premiering the new video to the record’s opening track, Can’t Let Go.

FGC3 Kelli McGuire
Photo & Header Photo by Kelli McGuire – http://www.kellimcguire.com

Can’t Let Go is a perfect example of the Fascinations Grand Chorus sound, a rambunctious tumble of musical ideas, resplendent with rapid-fire drum fills, bombastic guitar lines and woozy Casio-like keyboards, recalling the likes of Literature or La Sera. In the forgeround throughout is Stephanie’s attention grabbing vocal, existing in the middle ground of Zooey Deschanel and Frankie Rose. As you’d perhaps expect from the lyrics, the track is a reflection on our ability to fall into the trap of romance, “it’s ignorant bliss, but it’s hard to resist when it’s new”, the track ends with Stephanie repeating the title, a reminder as much to herself as to the listener, of the need to sometimes accept it is time to move on.

The accompanying video, directed by the band alongside Bob Sweeney, is a suitable amalgam of both the competitive nature and retro vibes at the heart of the band’s appeal. Filmed on suitably crackly Super-8 style film, with a distinctly Wes Anderson-like colour scheme, we find Andrew and Stephanie competing for distinctly 1980’s influenced Amusement Arcade winnings, with a surprise party hat filled twist-in-the-tale. Like everything Fascinations Grand Chorus do, there’s a sweetness and a nostalgia here that’s more tempting, tasty and fun than ever before.

Presentations Of Electrical Confectionery is out now via Silent Stereo Records. Click HERE for more information on Fascinations Grand Chorus.

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