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We Say…

One of our 20 for 2020, we’re currently very excited about the London art-rock quintet, Post Louis. Having caught the ear up to now through a series of well-received EPs, the band are set to take a huge leap forward later this month with the release of their debut album, Descender. The album was pieced together over the last eighteen months, the band using every spare moment between their various day jobs to make a record that is as sonically ambitious as any full time band could hope to make.

As well as being a constraint on the record’s production, work is also something of a thematic influence, with what the band describe as, “desperate exhaustion”, at the heart of the process. Much of the record looks at the modern world, through the gaze of young people striving to do more than just work to live; the title track in particular evokes the dual life of the by-night musicians, that so many striving bands are forced to become. Elsewhere on the record, they make equally impressive dissections of toxic masculinity, grief and maintaining a creative flourish throughout it all. If the record is lyrically impressive, it’s the varied and beautifully crafted musicality that arguably shines even brighter. Throughout, vocalist Stephanie Davin commands centre stage, whether it’s on the anxious roar of Like Bad Dreams, the frenetic Winter Pollen or the angular, dreamy sadness of closing track, December. While Post Louis show their ability to make adventurous guitar-pop, they’re equally keen on an orchestral flourish, with harps, French Horns and strings all adding to the ever swirling sense of control running away with itself. Descender is a truly remarkable collection; relentlessly creative, stunningly ambitious and as exciting a debut album as you’ll hear all year.

They Say…


FTR: For those who don’t know who are Post Louis?

A five-piece comprised of Stephanie, Robbie, Mattis, Andy and Adam. After several years spent spread across England, Scotland and Germany we now all live in London. We rehearse at a studio that our drummer built in the Norwegian Church (‘Sjomannskirken’) down in Rotherhithe – it’s an amazing building, which is a literal home to our rhythm section and a second home for the band.

FTR: What can you remember about your first show?

I’ve decided to answer this honestly, with permission.

Being on stage was amazing. But someone spiked my mother’s drink that evening.

I mention it in the lyrics of Winter Pollen:

“I make music with my brothers and I love them so
But it’s hard not to be angry, hating all the time
When Brock Turner spends three months in prison for his crime
When somebody spikes my mother’s drink at our first show.”

FTR: Why do you make music? Why not another art form?

All of us have played music since we were really young, and some of the band are classically trained. I think for all of us, music is the art form that we find most natural as a way to express ourselves?

I used to write and perform poetry but have channelled that interest into lyrics since starting the band. One song from our LP (‘Like Bad Dreams’) started off as a poem.

FTR: What can people expect from the Post Louis live show?

Our live show is intense, sincere and loud. We have been playing in this configuration for a few years now, so are comfortable as a unit and trust one another other.

We’ve just come off a UK tour supporting Max Bloom; it was fun playing before Max’s band every night and nostalgic as he and our guitarist Robbie used to play together in Cajun Dance Party when they were teenagers. I’ve recently made a habit of giving out percussion to audience members – people seem to enjoy that.

FTR: What’s next for Post Louis?

Our album is out on the Friday 28 February. It’s been many years in the making and has ended up a beast of a thing: twelve tracks, with friends of ours joining us to play clarinet, harp, strings, synths and brass on various tracks. We produced it all ourselves and are really thrilled to cast it out into the world next month.

We are hosting a free launch party on release day (28th February) in Hackney Wick to celebrate. Details will follow on socials about that one as we firm up plans for the night!

They Listen To…

1. Sharon van Etten – Peace Signs

2. Yo La Tengo – Deeper into Movies

3. TV on the Radio – Wash the Day Away 

4. Brittany Howard – Short and Sweet

5. Do Make Say Think – Soul and Onward

Descender is out February 28th. Click HERE for more information on Post Louis.

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