[PREMIERE] Party Fears – All Is Good

Party Fears is Maggie Devlin, a Northern Ireland-native now based out of Berlin. Since first emerging back in 2016, Maggie has built a burgeoning reputation, courtesy of live shows with the likes of Pillow Queens, The Beths and Mom Jeans, as well as a string of increasingly impressive recordings. Today we’re sharing the first Party Fears material of 2020 in the shape of new single, All Is Good.

2020 Party Fears 4 by Marlene Thissen
Photo and Header Photo by Marlene Thissen

All Is Good marks something of a sonic departure from the recent Party Fears output; Maggie embracing returning to her solo roots and creating something that’s almost a tribute to nostalgia and coming back to where it all began. The resultant track, recorded in Berlin-based, Imtlase Studio, is a fusion of lo-fi bedroom-pop and a distinct sense of ambition. The whole thing plays out in a delightfully dreamy three minutes, all layered, gently distorted vocals, shimmering guitars and deceptively driving percussion. It’s a sound that’s hard to pin down, equally likely to appeal to fans of Los Campesinos! or Soccer Mommy.

Discussing the inspiration behind the track, Maggie has suggested that it was an attempt to, “write something that gave space to how I felt”. The resultant tracks walks a line between loneliness, sadness and the galvanising effect of getting through a tough time, as Maggie puts it, “in some way, you have to thank the things that you endure”. All Is Good in some ways lives up to its name, it’s a track about overcoming the hard times and coming out the other side with a renewed sense of purpose, even if all isn’t good right now, someday soon, it will be.

All Is Good is out tomorrow via Babywoman Records. Click HERE for more information on Party Fears.

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