[EP PREMIERE] Adults / Bitch Hunt – Split Tape

Quickly establishing itself as a bastion of new DIY-music, For The Sake Of Tapes is a London-based cassette label, that have previously released music from the likes of Schande, Whitelands and Secret Power. Ahead of its release tomorrow, we’re premiering their latest offering, a split cassette featuring two tracks each from London bands, Adults and Bitch Hunt.


Like all the best split-releases, Adults and Bitch Hunt share a certain musical DNA, without pogoing too close to one another’s toes. Adults offer the more sugary thrills, their two tracks of noisy indie-pop channeling the likes of Johnny Foreigner or Trust Fund. The excellently named Armadillo is a rush of rambunctious guitar-hooks and yelp-along, rapid-fire vocals: smooth on the inside, crunchy on the outside, as the advert said. Their second offering, Filling Up The Feelings, is perhaps predictably a tad more morose, with a touch of The Spook School’s skills at making the sadness sound so much fun.

Although cut from the same DIY-cloth, Bitch Hunt carry an entirely different mood, citing influences as diverse as Radiohead and Weezer. This is the band’s first physical release, and serves as an exciting introduction to the Londoners grungy sound. Spaceman is the more instantaneous of their two tracks, coming across like the middle ground of Hole and Elastica, as they look to cast off a no good ex, “I’m more important than you, I guess you can have The Dark Side Of The Moon”. De facto B-side, 23, is a sludgier yet no less intriguing offering, reveling in a sense of throwing everything aside, “burn down your body, burn down your mind, when you’ve got nothing to do”.

By design, both bands should be celebrating with a rambunctious launch party tomorrow night, sadly that of course won’t be happening, so take some time to support the bands if you can, fall in love with the music, and get ready for an all mighty party coming someday soon.

Adults/Bitch Hunt Split Tape is out March 27th via For The Sake Of Tapes. Click HERE for more information on Adults, and HERE for more on Bitch Hunt.

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