[PREMIERE] Fine Motor – In The Event

Like so many, Fine Motor’s plans at the moment are somewhat up in the air. Facing the indefinite postponement of their upcoming album launch show, the trio from Reno Nevada decided to respond with creativity, and set out to make a music video for their new track, In The Event, which we’re premiering here today. The track is the latest to be lifted from the band’s upcoming second album, Giant Woman, out April 7th on Exotic Fever Records.


In The Event is a fine introduction to the rapidly evolving sound of Fine Motor; as with all of Giant Woman, the track was recorded in the Panoramic House studio in California, which has previously hosted the likes of Cate Le Bon and My Morning Jacket. This more focused approach has led to a more mature and ambitious sound, with both songwriting and arrangements more complex and intriguing than ever before.

On In The Event, we’re presented with a something initially contemplative, the fusion of rhythmic piano-playing and primal percussion bringing to mind Robbers & Cowards-era Cold War Kids. Atop this easy backing, drummer Casey Bell takes lead vocals, her catastrophe-predicting lyrics, contrasting nicely with her laid back, unflustered vocal. Just as you think you can see where the track is heading, it then makes an arresting about turn, as Chris Mays’ guitar enters, with a loose driving intensity, nodding to The Velvet Underground. It all adds a certain panicked quality to proceedings, before drifting away again, leaving the piano and vocal back in the foreground once more.

Three years have passed since Fine Motor’s debut, on this evidence it’s been time well spent, this feels bolder, more complex and more important than ever before. When the clouds part and normal musical service is resumed, Fine Motor might just be better placed than ever to make a monumental splash.

Giant Woman is out April 7th via Exotic Fever Records. Click HERE for moreĀ information on Fine Motors.

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