[PREMIERE] Tall Kingdom – The Thief

Tall Kingdom began life as the project of Leeds-based musicians Stuart Thomas and Richard Meller. Having both worked solo within the boundaries of various genres, the pair came together with the idea of creating something that shook off those confines and allowed them to explore other avenues within their musical tastes. Since their formation in 2017, Tall Kingdom have expanded to a four-piece live band, played a number of high-profile shows and released a pair of well-received EPs. Later this month, the band will share their latest offering, The Amber EP, and today we’re premiering the first single from it, The Thief.


The Amber EP marks something of a departure for Tall Kingdom, a re-imagining of their previous crisp electronic soundscapes, into something warmer, yet no less focused. Additional influences creep in, with live instrumentation to the fore, and elements of soul, psychedelia and even classic-rock creeping into earshot.

The EP’s opening track, The Thief is a fine showcase of the variety of musical textures Tall Kingdom are now looking to incorporate. The track is at its heart a classic soul number, re-imagined through the tones of a modern hip-hop influenced beat and the pulse of 808 subs. The track truly explodes on the introduction of a lithe, expansive guitar line, pitched somewhere between Foals and Neil Young, that sits in perfect contrast to the processed vocal tones and bouncing percussion beneath.

Tall Kingdom continue to push boundaries, to constantly make us re-consider how we all attempt to confine and label music, when in reality we’re all searching for the same things: a connection, a sense of togetherness and the ability to move us. Listening to The Thief, Tall Kingdom offer everything you could want in a perfect pop song.

The Amber EP is out April 24th. Click HERE for more information on Tall Kingdom.

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