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Formed back at the start of 2016, Norwich-based quintet Marigolds have slowly been winning overs the hearts and minds of the UK DIY-scene ever since. Signed to Beth Shalom Records, it was only two months back that the band shared their latest EP, Hot Springs. Wasting no time, the band have quickly delivered what they’re referring to as the B-side to that EP, (acoustic) a series of unplugged re-imaginings from across their back-catalogue.

Hot Springs was already something of a departure for Marigolds, increasingly channeling the influence of synth-pop into their distinctly British-take on the Mid-West emo sound of the 1990s. If that felt like a natural departure, (acoustic) is even more of an about turn. These stripped back versions of previous fan favourites, showcase an entirely different side to these sometimes frenetic originals, bringing harmony and melody to the fore and smoothing off some of the angular edges to create lush emotive pop. Particularly excellent is the new version of Chamomile, originally released back on 2017’s Asleep In The Sun, the gentle tick of acoustic guitar bringing to mind Pinegrove or even Iron & Wine, as Poppy, not even a member of the band when the original emerged, takes centre stage with her effortlessly delightful vocal performance. This feels like a fascinating aside for Marigolds, a band showing a new string to their bow with each release and always leaving the listener wanting to hear wherever they’re heading next.

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FTR: For those who don’t know who are Marigolds?

Marigolds is a five-piece indie emo band from Norwich. Me (Joe) and Davey started jamming in around 2016 and eventually that turned into the line-up we have today. Apart from me and Davey, we have Poppy on synth and vocals, James on drums and Tom on bass.

FTR: What can you remember about your first show?

The first ever show under the Marigolds name was actually really exciting and not as terrible as most first gig stories. We supported an amazing Nottingham band called The Blue Period at Gringos in Norwich and I’m pretty sure we only played like 5 songs. One of those songs also had no lyrics so it was very trial and error, but people seemed to like it and I remember coming away from that gig feeling excited about the prospect of playing more shows. Don’t get me wrong, if I saw a video of that show now it would sound terrible, but it was a good ole time in the moment.

FTR: Why do you make music? Why not another art form?

For me personally, music has always just been that thing which I’ve gravitated to. I find it so fun to create something from scratch and watch it gradually grow into something bigger. Also, another reason why I feel I’m still motivated to make music is the people I’ve met through it. From going to gigs, I’ve met some of my best friends who share the same interests as me and are so inspirational in the pursuit to making best art possible. However, other members in the band are way more artistic and creative than me – Poppy does some amazing poetry and Davey is a great artist too.

FTR: What can people expect from the Marigolds live show?

We normally write our songs with the intention of how they’d sound live, so I like to think when you’re hearing the songs in the room with us it should feel bigger and more anthemic than on record. Apart from that, we have a good ole laugh and it’s just a nice chill time with a lot of fairy lights.

FTR: What’s next for Marigolds?

We’re hoping to play way more gigs soon. Due to the state of the world right now, a lot of our plans for summer have been cancelled. When this all blows over, we’re definitely going to try and get on the road asap and see as many new places as possible. Apart from that, we’re all continuing to write music and send ideas over to each other so hopefully we can have another release out before the end of the year!!

They Listen To…

1. Jetski – Easy Peeler

2. Waxahatchee – Fire

3. Suds – You’ll feel Better

4. Jay Som – Tenderness

5. Lakes – Como

(acoustic) is out May 8th via Beth Shalom Records. Click HERE for more information on Marigolds.

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