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We Say…

A semi-regular fixture in our recent #fivethingswelikedthisweek lists, Eve Owen is a London-based singer-songwriter, who despite only just emerging onto the musical landscape is making quite a splash. With just a handful of singles shared so far, Eve has already played a number of well-received headline shows, as well as supporting the likes of Hayden Thorpe, and was, prior to recent events, set to head out supporting The National. This Friday will see Eve’s next big step, with the release of her debut album, Don’t Let The Ink Dry.

Recorded with producer, The National’s Aaron Dessner, Don’t Let The Ink Dry was put to tape in a converted barn and old farmhouse deep in the Hudson Valley, a somewhat different world to Eve’s home. The sessions took the songs Eve had written over a number of years, and set out to boldly re-imagine them, taking a playful approach to creativity, channelling the freedom of no-rules recording and seeing wherever the songs would take them, whether that was recording the whir of a washing machine or stripping a track back to its very barest bones. Much of the lyrical content here seems to hang in the particular period between youth and young adulthood, stories of love, unrequited or otherwise, personal growth and finding a way to make your mark on the world around you. The universal themes, the creative freedom, the natural talent, it’s all here in abundance and as a result, Don’t Let The Ink Dry is one of the most intriguing debut albums you’ll hear all year.

They Say…

Eve Owen 12b _ Chris Almeida
Photos by Chris Almeida –

For those who don’t know who is Eve Owen?

I’m a singer songwriter (20 years old). I live in London and my first album is coming out in May.

What can you remember about your first show?

My mum and I got the bus down the road with my guitar. I forgot to bring a lead for my
guitar which angered the music tech. I was supporting with two other acts and found the
green room quite awkward.

Why do you make music? Why not another art form?

It engages all my senses more fully than anything else.

What can people expect from the Eve Owen live show?

Mistakes and Honesty

What’s next for Eve Owen?

My album comes out on 8th May with 37d03d. I want to try and better my guitar skills.

They Listen To…

This is the Kit – Bashed Out

Lisa Hannigan – Ora

Phoebe Bridgers – Garden Song

The National – Hard To Find

Harry Styles – Fine Line

Don’t Let The Ink Dry is out May 8th via 37d03d Records. Click HERE for more information on Eve Owen.

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