[PREMIERE] Imaginary Tricks – Believe It

We last heard from Brooklyn-based Imaginary Tricks back in 2017 when they released the superb Skommel, one of our favourite records of that year. A somewhat introverted, timeless record, Skommel was a suitable reflection of the vision of its creator, Mike Visser, a musical veteran stepping up to plate for one more swing at musical acclaim. Some three years later, Imaginary Tricks are set to return with Art Flakey, their brand-new EP out in June via Park The Van. Ahead of that release today we’re sharing the first single from it, Believe It.


Imaginary Trick’s new EP shows the increasingly collaborative nature of Mike Visser’s musical vision, the band, now expanded to a three-piece with the addition of Pat Torres and Tim Talavera, also working with increasingly acclaimed producer Sam Cohen, known for his work with Kevin Morby among others. The result is a record that feels even more ambitious, Imaginary Tricks were always experimental, now there’s even more freedom, with elements of jazz and experimental noise entering into their sound. The band have spoken of this record as an energy, a sound that snuck up on them, shook them and changed their approach entirely.

While the EP won’t arrive until next month, opening offering Believe It is a fascinating introduction to it. The track enters on jazzy runs of piano and bass, before settling into a tight rhythmic pulse as Mike arrives, “I’m going to burn off my junk, jump up and down, kick up some dust, live the delirium high–full sigh”. From there the track is a deliciously meandering affair, from the paired back moments, always punctuated by the rapid flutter of guitar, through to the almost doo-wop chorus where multiple voices come together as one, “You can be it, yes believe it, be the seeded, fear a theist, cheat elitist, be the sweetest!”

By the time the suitably bonkers outro arrives, a clatter of drums, piano flourishes and everything else they can throw at it, we’re left suitably awed and completely intrigued. The return of Imaginary Tricks is a long overdue moment of real joy, an already intriguing band pushing their sound in new directions and sounding more compelling than ever: welcome back!

Art Flakey is out June 19th via Park The Van. Click HERE for more information on Imaginary Tricks.

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