[PREMIERE] Heaven Honey – Tomorrow I’ll Try

Heaven Honey is the musical project of Jordan Gomes-Kuchner, who in her own words followed, “the neon lights from Indiana to Nashville”. Jordan’s musical exploration began back in Bloomington, playing drums for the trio Her Again, although it was on picking up a guitar that things really started to get going. Back in 2018, the debut Heaven Honey EP, Head Case, emerged, which was followed earlier this year by a new single, Total Abandon. Released through Nashville labels, Cold Lunch Recordings and To-Go Records, Total Abandon will get a 7″ release later this summer, and today we’re premiering the B-side of that vinyl, Tomorrow I’ll Try.

Heaven Honey_3

Tomorrow I’ll Try marks something of a departure for the Heaven Honey sound, dialling down some of the rockier influences into a more downbeat, nuanced affair. The whole thing builds around a Jesus & Mary Chain-like guitar line, soon joined by Jordan’s country-licked vocals and the steady pulse of drums. Just as the track seems to be settling into an easy swirling soft-rock groove, the whole thing takes a wonderful turn for the unexpected as a swirl of saxophone arrives to carry the track out in a delightfully unexpected fashion.

Lyrically, Tomorrow I’ll Try explores the cyclical nature of relationships, reflecting on how we can use the company of others to mask our own problems, and avoid processing what is truly hurting us. The song’s narrator seems to take a step back, acknowledging the need to put themselves first, as Jordan sings, “I wanna know you so bad, I find myself not even knowing who I am”. Ultimately, the conclusion here is tinged with regret at what was, and a little bit of hope at what might be, “every day seems darker than the last one I spent but tomorrow I’ll try again”.

This feels like an important next step for Heaven Honey, a songwriter simultaneously carving out her place in her new home city, and in the wider world as well. The future is uncertain and vague, yet there’s a clarity here, a focus that truly marks Heaven Honey out as an act with a very bright future.

Total Abandon / Tomorrow I’ll Try is out later this Summer via Cold Lunch Recordings / To-Go Records. Click HERE for more information on Heaven Honey.


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