[EP PREMIERE] Molly Jewell – Inside Of Me

Hailing from Nashville, Tennessee, Molly Jewell has been sharing her music with the world since back in 2014. Molly caught our ears, and many others, back in 2018 with the excellent EP, I Wish You Loved Me Like You Started To. Two years on Molly is set to return tomorrow with a brand-new collection, Inside Of Me, and a day ahead of its release we’re premiering the record in its entirety today.

Photo & Header Photo by Andrea Behrends – https://www.andreabehrends.com/

Inside Of Me is the latest collaboration between Molly and long-term producer and co-writer, Goffrey Moore. It’s a fruitful partnership, evident in the sheer quality of the musicianship on show, while Molly’s vocal is always front and centre, the playing alongside it is a varied delight. Opening number, Holiday is a beautiful introduction, as the minimal twinkle of Eels-like keyboards give way to the sizeable flourish of the chorus. Elsewhere the title track, Inside Of Me, builds around a twangy guitar line straight out of a cowboy movie, as Molly’s vocal takes on a certain eerie Southern-gothic quality Marissa Nadler or Jess Williamson would be proud of. The other offering here, Hiding, is a more driving, Americana-influenced number full of steadily propulsive drums and soaring choruses that contrast subtlety of the vocal melody elsewhere.

Discussing the inspiration behind the record, Molly has suggested that Inside Of Me is, “about the loneliness and isolation you can feel just by your own thoughts and anxieties”. A reflection on the walls we can create for ourselves that remove us from the here and now and force us into our own bubbles. As Molly further explains, “what people keep inside often takes up more space than anything we let out, and the silence can be so much louder than anything we could ever say”.

On Inside Of Me, with just a handful of tracks and a couple of charming acoustic versions, Molly Jewell manages to leave a lasting impression, a record that continues to offer something new on each repeated listen, and marks its creator out as a songwriter with a seriously bright future.

Inside Of Me is out May 29th. Click HERE for more information on Molly Jewell.

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