[VIDEO PREMIERE] Order of the Toad – Lady’s Mantle

Although you might not have heard of Order of the Toad yet, there’s a good chance if you’ve been hanging about this particular part of the internet that you’re already familiar with some of their members. The Glasgow based trio consist of Gemma Fleet of The Wharves, Upset The Rhythm signed solo-artist Robert Sotelo and drummer Chris Taylor. The band released their debut album, By Order of the Toad, back in 2018, and are set to return in September with the release of their second album, Re-order of the Toad, released as a joint venture between Gringo Records and Reckless Yes. Today we’re sharing the video that accompanies the first single from the record, Lady’s Mantle.

Order of the Toad

As you’d perhaps expect if you know the other musical projects of the band’s members, Order of the Toad are not a band who fit neatly into any pigeon holes, their sound fluctuating between baroque, psychedelia, country, pop and most things in between. On Lady’s Mantle, the track is propelled by a strutting Flamenco rhythm and a 60’s influenced, Jefferson Airplane like combination of closely knit keys and guitar. Atop is Gemma’s psych-folk vocal, equal parts melodic perfection and just a touch of mysterious menace.

Thematically too, this is quite unlike your average pop-record as Gemma explains, “the song is about past lives, readying the body for conception and fate. Lady’s Mantle or Alchemilla Mollis is a herb I found out about last year. It’s a good anti-inflammatory and strengthens the uterus. I started using it dried as a tea and have found it superb as a natural way to treat cramps”. It’s probably not a subject Ariana Grande is going to be covering anytime soon, yet it is an intriguing one, a freely growing crop that purports to be a solution to all kind of ailments. Don’t take our words for it though, Gemma’s local horticulturalist and neighbourhood garden botherer ‘Danny’ says, “that the drops are supposed to have all sorts of magical properties including turning ordinary metals into gold, hence the name – Alchemilla” – so here’s to the magical properties of herbs, it’s certainly turned this track into a solid gold smash. Now sign us up to the Order of the Toad, on this evidence it’s a most unusual, intriguing and rather brilliant club to be in.

Re-order of the Toad is out September 30th via Reckless Yes / Gringo Records. Click HERE for more information on Order of the Toad.

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