[PREMIERE] ME REX – Stellar Abattoir

Myles McCabe, the man behind the ME REX moniker, has been involved in music since a young age. A modicum of success in his early bands soon gave way to a sense of disillusionment, battles with mental health and alcoholism resulting in a falling out of love with music. ME REX isn’t just that story though, ME REX is also about how that turned around, how passion and joy was re-ignited. Starting originally in Myles’ bedroom, ME REX have now expanded to a four-piece band, featuring Rich Mandell and Phoebe Cross from Happy Accidents, as well as Myles’ Fresh-bandmate, Kathryn Woods. ME REX have recently signed to Big Scary Monsters, who will release their Triceratops EP later this month, and today we’re premiering the first single from it, Stellar Abattoir.

One of the first tracks written for ME REX, Stellar Abattoir was partly inspired by a quote from Samuel Beckett’s poem, The Expelled, “I don’t know why I told this story. I could just as well have told another. Perhaps some other time I’ll be able to tell another. Living souls, you will see how alike they are”. As Myles further explains, he stumbled across the quote when feeling distant both from others and his own sense of self identity, “this idea of allowing disparate thoughts to distil into a narrative without any specific goal in mind was helpful to me”. Embracing creativity for creativity’s sake allowed Myles to begin enjoying making music again.

The resultant track is a surprisingly bright affair, from the opening Doe-like guitar line it slides into a spoken word section that wouldn’t sound out of place on a Los Campesinos! record. Lyrically, the track seems to float between belt-it-out choruses and dense, rhapsodic moments where the words seem to tumble out as a collection of images that are slowly pieced together with repeat listens. As with much of ME REX’s music, it is a track laced with clever wordplay reflecting the joyful qualities in finding health and recovery, reminding us as listeners that out of darkness often comes light.

The journey for ME REX is just starting, yet there’s something here that feels exciting, a songwriter with much to say and a collaboration that seems to bring those songs to thrilling life. Merging ideas of jubilation, hope and reflection, this becomes a deeply human whole and the jumping off point of a very bright future.

Triceratops EP is out August 28th via Big Scary Monsters. Click HERE for more information on ME REX.

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