[PREMIERE] Clémentine March – Elixir

Released back in January, Le Continent was Clémentine March’s first album for Lost Map. Described by Clémentine as, “a farewell chant to my native country”, the record focused on the London-based, French singer-songwriters homeland, sung mainly in her native tongue. Moving on from that record, Clémentine has aimed to begin, “exploring new sounds and possibilities on the path to the second album, as well as trying to explore writing in English more”. With that in mind today we’re premiering her new single, a re-worked version of Elixir, which originally featured on Le Continent. The new track is released today as part of the Lost Map’s PostMap Club Series.

Photo by Jack Barraclough https://www.edmundjohnjack.co.uk/

Recorded with producer Toby Burroughs, from the band Pozi, this re-working takes the lo-fi acoustic sound of the original and turns it entirely on its head. Featuring Clémentine on vocals and flute, she’s accompanied by a vast array of sounds; Moog synths, organs, bass and drums, all serving to produce something distinctly new, even from an old song.

The result is a track that shifts the ‘Jeffrey Lewis-if- he-was-French’-like quality of the original, into a shimmering slice of psychedelic-pop, from the Stereolab recalling bass and synth intro, to the free, almost-jazzy middle section, equal parts Midlake and The Drink. On top of that Clémentine even shifts the lyrics into English, leaving this version completely unrecognisable from its source material. This feels like a big leap forward for Clémentine March; if this is the template for future experimentation, then consider us very intrigued as to where her music is headed next.

Elixir is available as part of Lost Map’s PostMap Club series this month. Le Continent is out now via Lost Map. Click HERE for more information on Clémentine March.

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