[PREMIERE] Fixtures – The Great Tequila Flood of 2000 – 2018

Some bands sound like they could be from anywhere in the world, and some seem to entirely embody the city they call home: Brooklyn’s Fixtures fall firmly into the second camp. Their music is the sound of their city, frenetic punk-influenced indie, pop-songs that rattle by in a whirlwind, while not a single note is wasted. Following a handful of self-released cassettes, and a series of shows across the East Coast of the USA, the band have signed to Madrid-based indie-pop mecca, Bobo Integral, who will release their upcoming EP, Weak Automatic, next month. Today we’re premiering the latest, enigmatically titled, single from that record, The Great Tequila Flood of 2008-2018.

Described by the band as an, “anti fairy tale”, The Great Tequila Flood Of 2000-2018, is something of a departure, in song-length at least, for the band. It may clock in at over six minutes, yet this should not be mistaken for a sign of excess, this is still gorgeously stream-lined, energetic indie-pop. The whole thing builds around a driving, bullet-train of a rhythm section, as guitars slip from a focused-chug to free-form soloing; and there’s also liberal blasts of delicious saxophone, courtesy of the band’s newest member, Jules Block. A perfect blend of motorik-repetition and rambunctious energy, the track seems to inhabit the middle ground of the hazy charms of Here We Go Magic and the sheer energy of Expert Alterations.

While Fixtures might not be the easiest band to pin down, don’t let their effortless genre merging put you off, this feels like a seriously talented band at the top of their game, when Weak Automatic arrives next month, expect their interpretation of the Brooklyn-sound to be heard the world over, they’re stars in the making.

Weak Automatic is out December 5th via Bobo Integral Records. Click HERE for more information on Fixtures.

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