[PREMIERE] Kindsight – How I Feel

Regular readers of the site might well recall Kindsight’s debut single Who Are You, which I featured back in September. The track was a landmark for both the band, and their label Rama Lama Records, as the Copenhagen based-quartet were the first non-Swedish band the label had ever teamed up with. While eagerly awaiting news of a longer release, this week the band are sharing a brand-new single, How I Feel, premiering here today, ahead of its release tomorrow.

Photo & Header Photo by Line Hvid

Kindsight formed when front-woman Nina and guitarist Søren bonded over a shared love of The Sugarcubes, they went on to recruit a drummer, Johannes, with, “an unsettling obsession with jazz-music“, and bassist Anders, apparently chosen, “because of his looks and his ability to fit into small bags”. The resultant sound is one that walks the line between the jangling indie-pop of the early 1990’s and the expansive atmospherics, so long a feature of the Scandinavian-sound.

Discussing How I Feel, Kindsight suggest it was inspired by Nina experiencing a bout of an, “overwhelming need to tell the world how she felt“, something the band seemed happy to accept, she is the lead singer after-all. Musically this manifests as a smoky haze of longing; a world of easy, unmistakably wonderful vocals, clattering drums and smouldering, crescendos of guitar, like the middle ground of Midlake and The Cocteau Twins. And, how exactly does Nina feel you might well ask? “As it turns out, Nina hasn’t got a clue how she feels“, understandable really in the mile a minute world of 2021, and if a band trying to make sense of it all sounds this good, who is anyone to argue?

How I Feel is out now via Rama Lama Records. Click HERE for more information on Kindsight.

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